The Story of the Meeting of the Twelve With the Two Imams (pbut)

The twelve men, mentioned in the narration, “The Riser/Qa’im shall not rise until twelve men all gather upon the saying that they saw him, but they are belied.” (Kitab Al-Ghayba (Book of Occultation), Al-Numani, Vol. 1, p. 283) described how they met Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (fhip) and Imam Al-Mahdi (pbuhahf).

The following question was asked:

Peace of Allah be upon you O companions of the Qa’im, peace be upon you all, O purified twelve.

  • Was the situation like it was mentioned in the book “An advice to the students of the Academic Hawzas” that you were forty men then Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (fhip) came to you and commanded you to point to the best ten of you then he took you to meet Imam Al-Mahdi (pbuhahf)?
  • Was Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (fhip) already with you a while ago after his absence ended? Or he appeared to you for the first time on the day of King Abdullah’s death? Meaning if the absence started in 2008, did it end in the end of 2014?



“In the Name of Allah, The Abundantly Merciful, The Intensely Merciful. All praises belong to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. O Allah send Your prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad, the Imams and the Mahdis. Peace, Mercy, and Blessings of Allah be upon you, believing Ansar of Allah in the Easts of the Earth and its Wests. I, and I seek refuge from the word “I”, am your servant Aba Gibra’eel (Aba Gabriel), one of the twelve men who have been honored to meet the Hujjah of Allah (Imam Muhammad son of Al-Hassan Al-Askari) (PBUH). I will mention to you the story of the meeting, and I will make sure not to mention some of the details because of the sensitivity of the matter. May Allah grant you success to all that which is good. We are forty-two men, and with Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (PBUH) we become forty-three men. Among us is he who believed in this blessed Call before hearing about it, and among us is he who believed in it since the first day he heard about it, and among us is he who believed not so long ago. The Sayyed the Father Ahmad Al-Hassan (PBUH) has gathered us from several countries, among which are Arab, Islamic, Western, and Asian countries, until we were gathered about one year and a half ago in one place. And Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (PBUH) was with us and among us. We had a place where all of us would gather at a certain time every day until after Fajr prayer each of us would go to their job which the Father Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (PBUH) had assigned them to and charged them with. Until that blessed and promised day came and we heard about the destruction of the criminal Abdullah the King of Hijaz. As usual we gathered in that blessed place which is fortified by Allah, the Almighty. The Father (PBUH) had been absent from us before this night for a few nights, and we were missing him very much. One hour before Fajr prayer, the courageous lion of Allah came forth to us with his glory which seizes the hearts and eyes, he and two of his companions from your pure brothers who are used to accompanying Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (PBUH) everywhere and wherever he goes. And he (PBUH) entered upon us while he was smiling, and said: “Peace be upon you and the Mercy of Allah and His Blessings”. So everyone responded to the greetings with yearning and longing. So he (PBUH) said: “How are you, my sons, inshallah you are all well”. So, the brothers said: “All praises belong to Allah, my Father, we are well, and all praises belong to Allah”. So he (PBUH) said: “Did the news of the destruction of the tyrant Abdullah, may Allah curse him, reach you?” So, they said: “Yes, Master, may Allah curse him.”. So he (PBUH) said: “This is the day of Allah. This is the promise of Allah, the Almighty for His righteous sincere servants”. Then he (PBUH) said: “What will you do if you see Imam Al-Mahdi Muhammad son of Al-Hassan Al-Askari, may my soul be ransomed for him?” So they said: “By Allah, by Allah, if he goes from here and takes refuge at any mountain, we will go with him”. So the Father (PBUH) said: “By Allah you have spoken the truth, for Allah did not create Ansar (supporters) on the face of the Earth like you, neither before you nor after you.” Then he said: “Now I want you to point to the best of you and to choose ten to meet Imam Al-Mahdi Muhammed son of Al-Hassan Al-Askari (PBUH)”. Here everyone was keen to choose their brothers, and it didn’t cross the mind of any of them to choose himself or to think that he is better than his brother. So, everyone was telling everyone “I choose you”. And the Father (PBUH) was looking at them and smiling. Then he said: “Send prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad, the Imams and the Mahdis”. So everyone sent prayers upon Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad. Then the Father (PBUH) said again: “I swear by Allah, the High, the Great that Allah never created Ansar like you, you are the best Ansar on the face of the Earth, there never came Ansar like you, nor will there ever come Ansar like you, with this sincerity, loyalty, and faith in Allah the Almighty”. Then he praised Allah and thanked Him. Then he went silent for a few seconds, and then said: “You must choose ten”. So he (PBUH) said: “Form ten groups, each group has four believers, and let every group composed of four choose one believer to represent them”. So the believers did as the Father (PBUH) requested. Each group chose a person. So the total number of the chosen ones were ten believers. So the Father (PBUH) said: “It’s time for Fajr prayer”, so he pointed to one of the brothers and told him, “Rise and make the Athan”. 5 So he made the Athan and we prayed in congregation and were led by the Sayyed the Father (PBUH). So we went forth twelve men and with us was the Sayyed the Father (PBUH) and we were filled with longing and yearning and excitement and a heart which was beating so fast like the speed of lightning and a body which was shaking like a tree on a stormy winter day, because of the greatness of the matter. So we arrived at the place which Imam Al-Mahdi Muhammad son of Al-Hassan Al-Askari (PBUH) was at. So we met him (PBUH) and after the greetings and after a long conversation which lasted more than two and a half hours, he (PBUH) directed us and informed us of unseen matters which will take place, and events worldwide, with the most accurate of details. And he (PBUH) informed us of what will happen in the world and in accurate details, and amongst the countries mentioned were Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Japan, Italy, the greater Devil America, may Allah curse it, North Korea, South Korea, Qatar, Jordan, and in the most accurate details, even with mentioning the day and the hour. And we would like to take this opportunity to challenge the Samari and the Calf, may Allah curse them, the companions of the alleged office which is falsely and by fraud attributed to Imam Al-Mahdi (PBUH) while he is innocent of them, and the cursed companion of the page, and the cursed companion of the voice* , to bring forth one unseen matter (one future event) and to give us all the details while mentioning the day on which it will take place. And we will do the same; we will give you one matter of the unseen which no one has ever heard of, and no one will hear of, and no one has ever talked about, you will hear it for the first time from us, and it will take place, God-willing, and we will give you the most accurate details while mentioning the day, the hour, and the minute. So, if you are truthful like you claim, then accept our challenge to you. Otherwise, you are liars, hypocrites, immoral, corrupt, and disbelievers, and at that time nothing will remain as a cure except for the sword to you, and at that time, I swear by Allah, the High, the Great, we will not have mercy upon you, and we will crush and destroy your nests, the nests of misguidance, disbelief, and slandering against the Ahlulbayt (PBUT), and at that time no regret nor repentance will benefit you.”

Goal of the Wise, Aba Al-Sadiq (fhip), ch.37

(The original answer was published on the Black Banners Forum on July 8, 2015)

* This is in reference to the fake Facebook page and fake voice falsely attributed to Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace) by the so-called office of Najaf, as explained in Door 35 of this book.

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