Ahmadi Religion of Peace & Light will now allow all oppressed people the chance to Broadcast to TV

Since the arrival of UK journalists Sermad Al-Khafaji and Alexandra Foreman back into the UK after their illegal detainment in Turkey, they have been conducting a series of interviews for TV, press, and radio stations. 
Their latest interview was with the Scottish radio station “Go Radio”, where they revealed details of the physical and psychological abuse they endured at the hands of the Turkish police. 

Human Rights organizations also continue to mobilize in support of the 104 detained members, as the Border Violence Monitoring Network, a network of 14 organizations, is preparing to release a joint statement on the situation of our members Turkey and how it has been developing in the previous weeks since the release of their initial open letter. The statement, set to be released beginning of next week, calls for the annulment of return decisions against the group, the cessation of violent practices against them, and for their release from detention.

Testimonies of our detained members kept coming in, detailing abhorrent levels of degrading treatment and physical abuse by the Turkish police. Iranian national Sajjad Jafari reports how after being punched in the eye, and hit with batons on his knee, they took them to the police station where they received the following treatment from the guards. He said: “When the guys said that we are hungry and want food, I apologize, they pointed to their private parts, or when we wanted to go to the bathroom, they said that you are not allowed to use the bathroom and do it on yourselves.”

Sajjad continues to recount the severe physical violence he experienced from the Turkish police officers. He said: “They were cursing our mothers and fathers. Then there, when I wanted to use the bathroom, one of the agents came with me and showed me the clip that they had taken of me. And I said in that “they attacked me”, and he kept saying it’s you, and there he approached me. They beat me for 5 minutes and they were slapping me in the face. Then they took us from there to another police station in the middle of the night, four of us, and there the police officers and agents were telling us that we are going to perform a technique on you. We want to perform martial techniques on you. They cursed us and mocked us. They beat us until sunrise.”

The arrest of our members in Edirne, has led other members of our faith arrested elsewhere in Turkey, to reach out and speak out about the inhumane conditions they are held under. Iranian national Mohammed Amin, who suffered persecution and imprisonment in Iran, including threats of execution, fled to Turkey but has been held since in the Geri Gönderme Merkezi immigration detention center in Turkey. 
In his audio recording he likened the conditions at the center to that of a prison, and called for the help of the UN and human rights organizations. 

Furthermore, in light of the current plight of our 104 detained members in Turkey, we as the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light are announcing that we will enter into a strategic partnership with YOUSAT TV, a company that was invented by our members in 2020 and that developed technology which allowed for the instant independent broadcast of media from one’s phone to Satellite television, essentially turning Satellite Television into a new Social Media Platform. Since the presence of media and the broadcast of the violations against our members in Turkey was instrumental in protecting the group so far, and since various human rights organizations, as well as the group’s lawyer, stated that if it wasn’t for our media campaign the group would have already been deported or exposed to much worse violations, the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light has decided to now offer this technology to the entire humanity for free, thus extending this protection to all the vulnerable and the oppressed regardless of their background, nationality or creed.

All human rights activists, independent journalists, and oppressed people worldwide will be able to upload their stories, footage, causes, campaigns, protests, and much more, and use our satellite frequency to broadcast their content to over 57 million homes in the Middle East and North Africa. Plans to expand to other regions have also been revealed. This step is intended to provide an alternative to fake news and propaganda disseminated by state media, and will also serve as a platform for whistleblowers and a networking tool for human rights defenders worldwide. It will be a tool of empowerment and protection of the most vulnerable, to make TV their own, and to make their voices heard.