Bishops of Our Faith

These are the bishops of the Church of The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light. They are responsible for the congregations of this faith in various different countries.

They are given the status of bishop owing to the duties performed by them, some of which include overseeing the work of their youth ministers, conveying the tenets of the faith to the public, acting as advisors as well as overseeing the spiritual growth and general well-being of the members of the church.

Bishop of the European Union

Alireza Khatib Haghighi

Bishop of France

Remi Hulliet

Bishop of the United States

Joseph Dean McGowen

Bishop of The United States

Gustavo Ruiz

Bishop of Iran and Afghanistan

Hamidreza Saghari

Bishop of Morocco and Tunisia

Benchiguer Mohamed

Bishop of Turkey and Azerbaijan

Onur Aydin

Bishop of Thailand

Mostafa Hallal

Bishop of Malaysia

Kashfullah Bin Amaluddin

Bishop of Iraq

Raad Abdulzahra Ali Alghannami

Bishop of Latin America and The United Kingdom

Ali Muhammad

Bishop of Pakistan and India

Tahir Abbas

who are we?

Caroline Hören

Deputy Head of Security and Legal affairs

Caroline Hören is the Deputy Head of Security and Legal Affairs. Together with Onur Aydin she oversees the overall security aspect of the organization’s headquarters and manages the legal affairs of the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light abroad.

Caroline Horen 1

Onur Aydin


Onur Aydin is responsible for the security of the general public, working to ensure their safety and well-being by protecting them from malicious individuals with harmful intents. As such, his main duties include conducting security risk assessments to help identify potential threats and implementing safety measures and protocols to protect people and property.

Hadil Elkhouly

Human rights correspondent

Meet Hadil Elkhouly, a dedicated human rights correspondent, tirelessly advocates for justice, equality, and the protection of fundamental rights. Her work sheds light on critical issues, inspiring positive change worldwide.


Irfan Alamgir


Responsible for the health and well being of the community. Infection control, health promotion and managing injuries and illness.

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