April 09, 2024

The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light. 5. Why Are They Persecuted?

The peaceful followers of the AROPL have been harassed, discriminated, and beaten in Muslim countries but also in Thailand and Sweden. Why?

She is a nice, well-educated young woman with an infectious smile and a human right activist, who works for a large international NGO and advocates for the rights of several minorities, not just her own. She belongs to the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light (AROPL), a Shia-derivative new religion not to be confused with another different persecuted group, the Ahmadiyya community that has its worst problems in Pakistan. She has stories of persecution to tell about Iraq, Iran, Malaysia, Algeria. But what she has still problems in explaining is why her group was harassed and compelled to leave Sweden, a story she experienced firsthand.