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The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light contributes to charitable causes around the world.  

Feeding the Needy

We believe that access to clean food and water is a human right. That is why the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light raises and distributes funds for essential needs to people around the world.

Medical Help

The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light has assisted people in a variety of ways regarding medical treatment, from providing money for essential operations to matching patients with medical specialists in their region.

Housing & Employment

This faith strives to help people get back on their feet. No human being should be without shelter and a means to provide for their family. That is why our charitable outreach has helped countless people obtain housing and employment.

Covid-19 Relief

Over the past years, many people have fallen on hard times due to the global pandemic of Covid-19. This faith has raised funds to help people during this time of need.

Random Acts of Charity

The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light is always looking out for people in need. Sometimes it’s the smaller things that matter the most: a stuffed animal for a child in hospital, new school clothes and supplies for a struggling family. We believe that God cares about all creation, and so do we. Think we can help someone? Send us your proposal and we will see if there is a way we can get involved.

Spiritual Guidance

We offer family and individual counseling for people who are searching for a closer relationship with God; people who have suffered from abuse; and people who have been rejected by their families or by society for their beliefs.


Our Mission

We regard all human beings as our brothers and sisters in humanity.  Our mission is to lend a helping hand to all those in need.

Since 2015, The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light has reached out to people in need.  Over the years our programs have helped thousands of people but our outreach is ever expanding.  

Our priority in 2022 is to establish a new headquarters for our charitable endeavors in the United Kingdom.  Our UK plans include local outreach programs including:


Become a Volunteer

We have funded charity projects benefiting thousands of people worldwide 

Become a volunteer with the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light and join us on our mission to help the world become a better place.