Executive Director of Parity Contacts Consulate General of France in Istanbul to Support Persecuted Members of the Religion

We, the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light, extend our special thanks to Rev. Dr. Marian Edmonds Allen, Executive Director of Parity, an NYC-based national nonprofit that works at the intersection of faith and LGBT concerns, and director of Blessed by Difference ( and Holy Dialogues (, for calling on the Consulate General of France in Istanbul to issue asylum/humanitarian visas to the 15 Algerian members of our faith currently detained in Turkey at risk of deportation.
We thank her for her support and solidarity with the persecuted members of our faith.
We have requested that different EU countries issue asylum/humanitarian visas to our persecuted members after being held in Turkey for almost 90 days. We requested from France to take in the Algerians, and sent similar requests to other European countries to take in the rest of our believers from Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Azerbaijan, Thailand and Turkey.