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Islamic Extremism and Extremist Scholars

Islam is meant to be the religion of peace. However, what are the so-called Islamic scholars saying about this religion?


A relationship with God is what a lot of us are looking for, but in order for us to find & build that relationship we turn to a spiritual guide who has many years of experience that echoes our beliefs and values. 


But how do we know that the spiritual guide that we are following is considered to even be a reliable guide? Why is it that hundreds of thousands of people in the world today leave their faith in another one’s hands? Why is it that we put them on a stage and praise them blindly?


The most influential figures in today’s society are the misleading scholars that millions of people have entrusted their own faiths with, but this begs the question: are these scholars really bringing us closer to God or rather leading us further away from the truth?


Studying the religion for many years and acquiring knowledge of these core beliefs, people tend to feel comfort when turning to them for advice on religion. However, all is not as it seems, here below are just a few examples below that will hopefully give you an insight on who you can really entrust your faith with.

Intercourse during fasting

“If penetration is less than the circumcised part of the penis and there is no ejaculation, the fast does not become invalid. However, for a man who has not been circumcised, any amount of penetration – even if it is less than the circumcised part of a penis – invalidates his fast.” Sistani, Ruling 1563.

Here is one of the saying of our father Imam Ahmed al Hassan PBUH on fasting;

“The people are happy, they believe themselves to be fasting, and they sit at the table and consume every tasty food, what kind of fasting is this? Let them wait for the true month of Ramadan and its rituals.Imam Ahmed Al Hassan PBUH

sleeping with your dead wife

 “Since a good Muslim couple will meet again in Heaven, and since death does not alter the marital contract it is not a hindrance to the husband’s desire to have sexual intercourse with the corpse of his (freshly) deceased wife”. – Sheikh Abdelbari Zemzami, May 2011

The Second Mahdi & the door to Imam Ahmed Al Hassan PBUH said on marriage:

“Marriage, in its highest essence, should be a unification of two halves of one, complete person. A unification through love, equal respect, liberties, and opportunities.” – Aba Al Sadiq PBUH

Extremists prohibit women from normal practices such as driving

“If a woman drives a car, not out of pure necessity, that could have negative physiological impacts as functional and physiological medical studies show that it automatically affects the ovaries and pushes the pelvis upwards.” – Sheikh Lohaidan

And the words of Aba Al Sadiq PBUH show the truth of how, according to the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light, women are of a very high status, and should never be considered as incapable of reaching anything, unlinke what the non-working scholars claim:

“All doors are open for men and women. And there were many women who reached extremely high levels. There are women who reached the level of being one of the infallible women such as Zainab peace be upon her. There are women whom reached the level of prophethood such as Mary (peace be upon her) whom spoke to angels and received revelations. There are women whom are better than most men, even better than most of the prophets and messengers such as Fatimah Al Zahra (peace be upon her).” – Aba AlSadiq AS

the inhumane Perspective of extremist scholars on marriage

“What’s the point of having an animal you can ride, if it drives you nuts?  Would anyone blame you for selling it? Would anyone say: “Shame on him for selling it”? It’s only an animal. The same goes for the woman. If a woman has such bad character that her husband does not feel comfortable with her, there is nothing to prevent him from divorcing her. What are we, Christians?!”  – Egyptian cleric Hassan Abu Al-Ashbal

It is not possible for such foul words to be Godly. 

The true religion of God is a humane religion, and Imam Ahmed Al Hassan and Aba Al Sadiq PBUT have shown this with their words:

“Marriage is a partnership,  and completion of religion. That’s why we marry, to learn from one another….And that I might find the traits which I lack in my other half, and my other half might complete herself in what I have, and together as one, in completion, We return to God who made us. ” – Aba Al Sadiq PBUH

Extremist Scholars allow Cannibalism

“We allow to eat the dead flesh of humans, but not to cook or grill it because it is indecent, if we have the choice between eating raw or something else. You can kill the apostate and eat it, or kill someone unprotected by a treaty – even if it’s a child or a woman – and eat it, because they’re not protected.” – Al-Khatîb ach-Chirbîni, a book from the curriculum of the Al Azhar University in Egypt

Because of these strange and inhumane perspectives on women and on the institution of marriage, the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light preach and practice nothing but humanity before all other ideas. And according to Aba Al Sadiq PBUH, marriage should be the perfect example of humane interaction.

The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him and his family) said : “Marriage is one half of religion.” So the male and female together represent the whole. Each half should strengthen and support and help the other half.- Aba Al Sadiq PBUH

How is the Ahmadi Religion different from Extremist sects?

These sayings given by these so called scholars are in no way part of the teachings of the true Islam, but rather, a horrific way of misguiding the people, whereas the sayings of our holy fathers (pbut) only bring about love & mercy for humanity which gives us the ultimate answer that only a divinely appointed infallible should be your way to God. The true messenger of God is here, present on this earth, and He is the riser of the family of Muhammad (pbuhahf), Imam Ahmed al Hassan (pbuh). It is He who will restore the true religion of God & remove these corrupt & misguiding scholars. 

….. I am calling you, O people, to save yourselves from the fitna of those deviant misguided misguiding clerics. Contemplate over the condition of the nations that preceded you. Do you find the deviant clerics supporting a Prophet from the Prophets, or a successor from the successors? So do not repeat the [mistake] and follow these non-working scholars and fight the Vicegerent of Imam Al-Mahdi, the way the nations before you have followed the deviant clerics and fought the successors and the sent Prophets. Be fair to yourselves for once and ask yourselves this question, have you asked the Messenger of Allah (pbuhahf) and the Imams about the End-of-Time clerics before you ask the End-of-Time clerics about the successor of Imam Al-Mahdi?…. 207 – Saying of Imam Ahmed al Hassan

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