Freedom of Religion


In the book of the Second Mahdi, Aba Al-Sadiq (fhip), “Goal of the Wise”, we find the following:

“In the Seventh Covenant because lineage will be soul-based, the Mahdis (Divinely Appointed Guides) will not necessarily be physical descendants of one another. They may have multiple, hybrid, and mixed heritage in the physical sense. The world has not witnessed a Kingdom where its successors come from different genealogies, nationalities, ethnicities, languages, or religious groups for that matter. We have not had a kingdom of different nationalities and inheritors of one another.

 Amr ibn Shimr narrated that Jabir said: “A man entered upon Abi Jaafar Al-Baqir (PBUH) and said to him: ‘May Allah keep you healthy, please take these five hundred dirham from me,’ So Abu Jaafar (PBUH) said to him: ‘You take it spend it on your neighbors from the people of Islam and the poor and your Muslim brothers,’ then he said: ‘If the Riser/Qaim of our Family (Ahlul Bayt) rises he shall rule justly, and he shall be fair to the people, whoever obeys him has obeyed God and whoever disobeys him disobeyed God; And he is called a Guide because he guides to a matter which has been previously hidden/unknown, and he shall bring forth the Torah and the rest of the books of God out of a cave in Antioch. He shall then rule between the people of the Torah by the Torah and between the people of the Gospels by their Gospels, and between the people of the Psalms (Zabur) by their Psalms (Zabur), and between the people of the Qur’an by their Qur’an. And there comes to him the money of the world from the inner of the Earth and from the top of it. And he shall say to the people: ‘Come to that which you cut ties with your families over, and that which you spilt blood over, and that which you did what God forbade over’ and the Riser/Qaim will be given what no one was given before him and he shall fill the Earth with justice and equity and light as it had been filled with injustice and oppression and evil.’” (Bihar Al-Anwar, Al-Allamah Al-Majlisi, Vol. 52, p. 350) 

Clearly, we see that even in the Divine Just State, peoples of other faiths will live in this State with the freedom to practice their faith. They will be ruled by their own scriptures and not by the Jurisprudence or laws of Islam. Rather, freedom of religion is preserved in the Divine Just State. In fact, all religions are united and are considered to be all parts of one giant family of faith. By revealing the Seventh Covenant, Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace) establishes a new Covenant based on our spiritual identity. He validates the previous Covenants and the Prophets of those Covenants, both the Prophets whom were companions of a Covenant and the Prophets whom followed under that Covenant in the generations after. To validate something means to make or declare it legally valid.” 

– Goal of the Wise, Ch. 7

Freedom of religion is a crucial principle of the Call of Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (fhip) and Aba Al-Sadiq, (fhip). The reason for this is that the concept of freedom is a Godly and divine concept. Mankind was created to serve and worship the One Creator. But why is it that we see groups of people of different faiths, compelling and enforcing their agendas or ideologies onto others?


The tragedy of Karbala occurred when the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (pbuhahf), Imam Al-Hussain (phuh), was persecuted by the tyrannical regime of Yazid, the son of Muawiya. The corrupt forces of Yazid’s government would not relent in their attempt to force the Imam to pay allegiance to Yazid. Although Imam Husain was living in peace, and simply practicing his own beliefs, Yazid went out of his way to oppress the grandson of the Prophet (pbuhahf). 

The army of Yazid surrounded the Imam and his pure family, peace be upon them, and massacred the men of his tribe. All this only because Imam Al-Hussain (pbuh) refused to pay allegiance to the tyrannical regime of Yazid.


In the history of religion, one of the horrific events that occurred was the Spanish Inquisition. During the 12th century, continuing for hundreds of years, the Spanish inquisition was famously known for the severity of its tortures and its persecution of the Muslims and Jews, who would forcefully be converted by the Roman Catholic Church, to make them claim that Jesus was the son of God. Those that did not simply comply with the Church would continue to keep their faith hidden and, if revealed that they were practicing their own beliefs, they would be tortured brutally into admitting their supposed “sin” and later be put to death. All of which was ordered by the institution of the Church in that era.


In this modern era, we have an allegedly Islamist militant jihadist group that go by the name of ISIS, who proclaim themselves to be a worldwide caliphate, where all muslims are required to pledge allegiance to them. However, those that do not oblige with their ways are murdered viciously. They kill innocent civilians & brutally attack anyone that comes in their way. All this so that the early days of Islam may return, as they reject any new concepts in the religion of islam as it is today.

Torture devices used, guiltless individuals hanged for their faith, beheaded, burnt & much more. These are two of the major Abrahamic religions that went forth with their cruel & unjust actions towards innocent people for just practicing their own beliefs. Unfortunately, these evil, inhumane creatures have taken religion to control & oppress the innocent and cause havoc in the name of God.


In order that justice and equality be spread throughout the land, the corruption of separating the true religion and distorting it with their own barbaric rules has to be ended. This can only be done by the rule of a righteous King. The idea that they want us to accept the idea of the past prophets & messengers, and just see them as figures in history and not apply their teachings is not the way God intended it to be. Religion was not meant to be about simply following certain customs, rather it is about obedience and allegiance to the righteous King, who is God on earth. God is too gracious to impose himself, but people have been killing the prophets and messengers that He had sent, and this is proof that most of the people do not want him. However, he is the righteous shepherd sent by the Almighty God to the people, for their guidance.


The Divine Just State is the promise of God and the inheritance of the Children of Adam. The type of rule which would exist in the Divine Just State would be a rule based on equality and justice for all, where people of all faiths will be allowed to live & practice their own beliefs freely in our state, they will be ruled and judged according to their own books, and not by any other religion but their own. All under the united flag of the Supremacy of God.
Every true religion existing upon the earth today is based on true revelations from god, however all of them become corrupted with falsehood by the evildoers.

One of them asked Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (pbuh): “What is the essence of the Call of Ahmad Al-Hassan?” Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan’s (pbuh) answer was: “Its core is fixing what the scholars of misguidance and discord have ruined, then revealing the true religion of God that Muhammad (pbuhahf) came with, that nothing has been received from it except rarities” Then the questioner asked: “So what is the true religion?” Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan’s (pbuh) answer was: “This religion that you know now is not the religion of Muhammad (pbuhahf), it is as far as the Sun is from the Earth, 99% of it is distorted”. 

– Sayings of Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan, hadith 58

Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan has come to unite all religions under one truth, to reveal the falsehood that has led the people to become astray and instead unite all messages and covenants, all under one divine Covenant and message, the Seventh Covenant.

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