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Mercy and Humanity Before Religion


The rights of a human being are a very sensitive matter. If anyone should be found guilty of oppressing another, the punishment would be great, for it is one of the biggest sins to commit. And it is of high importance to understand those rights so we can act accordingly, for the sake of humanity. Thus let us explore this extremely important topic through the eyes of our spiritual leader and father Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh).



He once posed an important question to everyone:


Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan: “If an atheist, a disbeliever in Allah, came to you asking for a drink of water for himself and his son, and at the same time a muslim, a believer in Allah, came to you asking for a drink of water for himself, and you had only one glass of water, whom would you give it to?”

One brother answered: “I would give the glass of water to the young son and I would give what remains of it to the father.”

The Imam said: “You have done well… mercy… away from religion, Islam, and conviction… mercy firstly. Whether he believes or not, it does not matter. Mercy, humanity, O Allah, mercy, humanity, away from religion. Do not think whether he will believe or whether he will be affected by your action. Think of mercy first.”

Just as Imam Ali (pbuh) taught, “people are of two types, they are either your brothers in faith or your equals in humanity,” the true teachers of God’s religion have always emphasized humane treatment of all human beings, above all else. 

And even more so, there has to be mercy and forgiveness amongst the believers:

“The best of you with me is the one who puts himself aside for the sake of his brother… The one who erases himself with the people is the best with me and the most pious… My will to you is that when one of you gets upset with the other… I want him to go to his brother or sister and say… I apologize to myself and you are my self… What beautiful words… How beautiful and how pious are those words… Those are words that crumble a rock and melt iron…”

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh)


Imam Ahmed al-Hassan (pbuh) said : “Without love there is no life.” We believe that love was at the heart of the act of creation and God created us out of love. Without love creation could not continue to exist for every breath we are allowed to take is an act of Love. Love is the main pillar of this religion and every divine religion. Love for your brother what you love for yourself. Love thy neighbor. Love for the other causes the universe to exist. We, the Ansar of Imam Mahdi, are taught to love all mankind, regardless of their race, nationality, and belief. Even the atheist and non believer must be loved by us. Love conquers all.

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