Latest news and Religious Persecution


The Quran states: {Let there be no compulsion in religion, for the truth stands out clearly from falsehood.} Quran 2:256

The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light upholds this teaching and promotes the ideals of peace, justice and humanity before religion.  This faith opposes all forms of extremism, oppression and religious persecution.

Religion News Service Publishes Article Highlighting Plight of 101 Detainees in Turkey

UK Member of House of Lords, Peter Tatchell and other global voices express their support for 101

The International House of Prayer Ministries call on the Consulate General of France in Istanbul to issue asylum/humanitarian visas to the 15 Algerian members of our faith currently detained in Turkey at risk of deportation

Special thanks to Andy Swarna and Great Truth for calling on the Consulate General of France in Istanbul in Support of Persecuted Members of Faith

Asian Children’s Education Fellowship Speaks out against persecution of members of the faith

Executive Director of Parity Contacts Consulate General of France in Istanbul to Support Persecuted Members of the Religion

Scott Morgan, Red Eagle Enterprises, Stands in Solidarity for Persecuted Members of the Religion

Scientologist Rev. Susan Taylor Director of the National Affairs Office Speaks Up for Persecuted Members of the Religion

International Multi-Faith Coalition Stands in Support of Persecuted Members

Sean Stone learns about the plight of our 101 detained members in Turkey​

Torture Report: Testimonies of Torture in the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı and the Edirne Deportation Center

Ahmadi Religion & Rule 39 initiative lodge a collective interim measure request at the European Court of Human Rights

International Conference at EU Parliament Highlights Persecution Faced by the Ahmadi Religion

UN Human Rights Experts call on Turkiye NOT to deport members of the Ahmadi religion

104 Ahmadis discussed at Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna

Turkish delegates at OSCE receive report as BVMN releases 2nd statement & British Barrister hired

Written statement distributed to delegates of the UN Human Rights Council member states attending 53rd session on the plight of the Ansar detained in Turkey

BBC Radio interviews Ahmadi Religion members and contacts Turkish Embassy over the 104 detained

Ahmadi Religion of Peace & Light will now allow all oppressed people the chance to Broadcast to TV

10-year-old Maryam sends a letter from Removal Centre to Aba Al-Sadiq, The Riser makes a Statement

Turkish authorities threaten minor & cut off water, Irish MEP Clare Daly voices support for Ansar

UK Journalists give first interview detailing horrifying conditions in Turkey amidst new testimonies

Turkish Police in Edirne demand oral sex from male refugee, the world remains silent

Two UK nationals released amidst more leaked testimonies from the detained 104 refugees in Turkey

The Sofia Globe reports on torture inflicted on refugee men, women and children by Turkish Authorities


Save the Lives of 104 Persecuted Ansaris| Appeal to Ursula von der Leyen and the European Commission

Religious Minority Men, Women & Children Tortured & deprived of Sleep & Food by Turkish Authorities

Turkey issues deportation notices for 104 refugees facing death and imprisonment in home countries

Human Rights Organizations That Stand for the safe passage of the 103 religious refugees across Turkey

The European Times reports: Over 100 Ahmadis at Turkish-Bulgarian frontier face imprisonment, or death if deported

Sign the petition to stop our innocent members from getting deported

100 plus members beaten and detained by turkish police

Human Rights Without Frontiers Reports: Over 100 Ahmadi asylum-seekers beaten at the Turkish border

The Arrest of Innocent Supporters in Morocco

The Arrest of Innocent Supporters in Turkey

The Testimony of Muhammed Hashem

Incidents of Discrimination in Iran

Iranian Believers Are Being Unjustly Persecuted

The Testimony of Hamidreza Yousefi

The Algerian Believers are Finally Free

The Testimony of Seyed Ali SeyedMousavi

The Testimony of Redouane Foufa concerning the persecution of the Algerian government

Testimonies of the Persecuted Believers of Iran

Amnesty International: "Release members of Ahmadi religious minority"

The Believers speak out against the Algerian government