Archangel Gabriel
In the Abrahamic religions, Gabriel is an archangel, first described in the Hebrew bible. The name Gabriel is translated to mean “The Might of God”. Islamic narrations depict Gabriel as a companion of the Qa’im:

Abu Baseer said: Aba Abdillah (pbuh) said: “The Qa’im (pbuh) will not emerge until the circle is complete.” So I said: And how many [are needed] to complete the circle? He said: “Ten thousand. Gabriel on his right and Michael on his left. Then he shakes the banner and walks by it, so there will remain no one in the east or the west except that they will curse it, and it is the banner of the Messenger of Allah (pbuhahf), Gabriel came down with it on the day of Badr ….”

– Al-Ghayba, Ibn Abi Zainab Al-No’mani, 1st ed., p.320, hadith 2 (Online book: p.318)

Abi Hamza Al-Thimali narrated: I heard Aba Ja’far Muhammad ibn Ali (pbut) saying: “If the Qa’im of the Family of Muhammad (pbuh) emerges, Allah will indeed give him victory by the Angels who are the swooping/marked, following one another (or ranks upon ranks), sent down, and cherubim. Gabriel will be in front of him, Michael will be on his right, and Israfil (Rafael) will be on his left…” [Until he (pbuh) said] “Glad tidings to whoever recognizes/reaches him, and was from his Ansar (supporter) . And woe woe to whoever opposes him, and goes against his command and was from his enemies.” Then he (pbuh) said: “He rises with a new matter, and a new Sunnah, and a new ruling, that is difficult upon the Arabs. His matter will be killing, and will not ask anyone for their repentance, and he does not fear the blame of anyone [for what he does] in [the sake of] Allah (swt).”

– Al-Ghayba, Ibn Abi Zainab Al-No’mani, 1st ed., p.239-240, hadith 22 (Online book: p.237-238)

Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (fhip) revealed that Archangel Gabriel had other incarnations which were:
– Abdul Muttalib (pbuh), the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad (pbuhahf)
– Abul Khattab, the companion and door to Imam Ja’far Al-Sadiq (pbuh)
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