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Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael
Michael, being “time” had the longest chapter in the Quran dedicated to him. Aba Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) said “This is one of the great secrets.” Because most everyone believes that the translation of the chapter in the Quran, Al-Baqarah is “the Cow”, but one of its inner meanings is “time” and the entire chapter is dedicated to the Archangel Michael.

Michael (pbuh) is one of the great ArchAngels, He has a close rank to his Lord and he is from the closets and noble Angels. – He is in charge of rain and plants. – He is the patron Angel of Israel. – Michael was sent in this day and age by Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel and the others.

Today he is Ahmed Murad (pbuh), one of the 12 [men].

Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (pbuh) revealed that Archangel Michael had incarnated in the past.
There has not passed a time except that he was present in it. In the time of Prophet Abraham (as), Jesus (as), Moses (as), Noah (as), Adam (as), Joseph (as), Imam Hussein (as). He was with absolutely with everyone. He is the companion of Allah whom has never separated from him. The friend Michael. The loyal, devout companion of all the Prophets and Messengers and Righteous Ones.

One of his characters is the Archangel Michael (pbuh). And Michael was from the second Century. (Al Haft Al Shareef Door Nr.65)

Michael (pbuh) later incarnated as Abel the son of Adam (pbuh), the first martyr.

He also incarnated at the time of Moses (pbuh) as his faithful brother, Aaron (pbuh).

Michael incarnated as one of the seven sleepers of the cave, named Maximilianos.

In the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuhahf) he incarnated as Salman the Mohammedan (pbuh) [Salman the Persian ‘Salman Al-Farisi’]

Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (as) said: “When the command came for the look alike to be crucified, Michael did not accept the look alike be crucified alone. So he decided to be crucified with him and this was his sacrifice. And the Michael was the righteous believer who was crucified next him.

And in the time of Joseph, he was the one who guided Joseph to do such and such. Like building safe houses and revealing deceivers and other things. He would guide and direct Joseph and no one saw him except for Joseph.”

And Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) said: “Michael is a son of Muhammad (pbuhahf) in the Soul World. Michael is a brother of Mary and Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) in the soul World.” Michael has four children in the soul world. From them are: Aba Al Hassan, Al Yaman, and Al Hamam.

He was nicknamed by Imam Al-Mahdi (pbuh) ‘The Gatherer’. He is the one who gathers the 313.

If Ahmed Murad appeared to the people or if the people heard his voice, every believer and non believer would say, “I know that person.” And whoever hears his voice would say, “I heard that voice before.” He is the one whom Imam Mahdi (pbuh) said: “By Allah if it were not for you, the truth would not be shown nor would falsehood be destroyed.”
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