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She is also known as the “Lady of Sorrows” because she had experienced such sorrows in her lifetime. She is revered both in Christianity and Islam.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is an exceptional woman whose trust in God defined generations after her. The courage and strength of this pure Lady leaves us in awe.

Mary never asked any questions about herself and never worried, she just said: ‘I am the Lord’s servant…May your word to me be fulfilled.’ She faced intense scrutiny from the people, she conceived a son without intercourse and swore a vow of silence, so much so that God performed a miracle and Jesus spoke in the cradle.

Mary is an amazing example of a woman who relied on God, and God always took care of her and communicated with her.

Lady Mary also incarnated as Amina. Lady Amina or Amina bint Wahab was the mother of Prophet Muhammad (pbuhahf), the last messenger of God. Abdul Muttalib, the custodian of the Holy Kaaba in Mecca, fixed the marriage of his youngest son Abdullah with Lady Amina. She was eventually married to Abdullah ibn Abdul Muttalib, the father of Prophet Muhammad (pbuhahf). It was said that a light shone out of his forehead and that this light was the promise of a prophet as offspring. Countless women of Arabia approached Abdullah, who according to several traditions, was a handsome man. The light was believed to be transferred to Lady Amina through Abdullah. Soon after their marriage, Abdullah was called to Al-Sham (present-day Syria) on a trading caravan trip. When he left, Amina was pregnant. However, Abdullah, the father of the Prophet, became sick and died from an illness before returning to Mecca. Two months after Abdullah’s death, in 570 AD, Prophet Muhammad was born.
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