The Sofia Globe has reported on the cases of torture inflicted on Refugee men, women and children by Turkish authorities

The Sofia Globe has reported on the humanitarian crisis and crime against humanity taking place in the Edirne Removal Centre in Turkey.

104 persecuted refugees are being detained there against their will. The group, that consists of men, women, and children, were taken there despite having committed no crime. These refugees had been severely persecuted in their home countries for their religious beliefs and for being members of The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light.

The Sofia Globe’s report on the 1st of June went into further updates on the incident, commenting on the evidence of voice recordings and photographs saying,

“Thirty of the detained members, including 10 women and two children, say that they remain severely injured.

Some have been requesting hospital visits, but were not granted any, the statement said.”

The Sofia Globe continued on specific details of what was done to these refugees, specifically to Redouane Foufa, who said he was “beaten in detention and injected with an unknown substance. He describes in a voice recording how the women and children were subjected to torture methods as well. They were deprived of food and water for three days, made to stand in the sun and deprived of sleep, the statement said.”

Further evidence has come forth of two UK amateur journalists, who had been present on the scene and taken into custody along with the 104 refugees. 

The Sofia Globe has reported on the brutality and torture treatment faced by the men, women and children.

These torture tactics included starvation for three days, sleep deprivation and brutal beating for the men.

This is a clear violation of the Turkish Criminal Procedure Code Article 148 which states that “any bodily or mental intervention such as misconduct, torture and administering medicines, exhausting falsification, physical coercion or threatening using certain equipment, is forbidden.”


Religious minority asylum-seekers detained at Turkish-Bulgarian border say they were beaten, tortured – The Sofia Globe