10-year-old Maryam sends a letter to the Riser Aba Al-Sadiq, His statement on the on-going oppression in Turkey

8th June, 2023 –

Little Maryam Foufa, aged just 10 years old, still sits in the Edirne Removal Centre, waiting to know her fate. The removal centre, which has been likened to a prison, provides no humane conditions of living, even to the children and minors, whom are subjected to mistreatment.

Maryam Foufa is one of the many children who were being persecuted with their families in their home countries, and had gone to seek asylum by crossing the Turkish-Bulgarian border, as advised by human rights organizations to be the most lawful and advised route for refugees to seek asylum.

She is now suffering at the hands of the Turkish authorities, and remains staunch in her love for her religion and the religion of her family.

Here is a letter she managed to send to the Riser Aba Al-Sadiq, and his statement upon reading her words.

O Lord of Lords, King of Kings and God of the Gods, we are your people and believe in your Rulership.
These people attacked your people, beat them, threatened and tortured them… the men, women and children alike.
They did so in the middle of their elections as they chose a ruler other than whom you appointed.
If this pleases you, then take from us as it pleases you.
And if this angers you then deliver your people and grant them safety and security and peace and prosperity and take vengeance upon your enemies and make a sign out of them for the people of the world.
-The Riser Abdullah Aba Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace)

We pray for the quick relief of Maryam and all her little friends, and all 104 unjustly imprisoned refugees at the Edirne Removal Centre.