The Apocalypse


The Prophets and Messengers (pbut) have always left us signs and clues about the End Times, these clues have often been cryptic and impossible to understand, and for thousands of years these signs have remained as so.

Only in the last hundred years, in our modern world, have these signs began to make sense, as we quickly see them come to pass, one after the other. We are indeed living in the End Times…

The World Savior In The End Times

Learn more about the similarities between end times prophecies in world religions.

Signs Of The End Times

Are we living in the end of days? What are the Signs?


Learn more about COVID-19 and end times prophecies.

Fulfilled Prophecies of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan About COVID-19

The prophecies of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) regarding COVID-19 have come true.

The COVID-19 Cure

If Imam Ahmed Al Hassan PBUH has the cure to the Covid-19 Pandemic, why doesn’t he give it to the world?

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