The Arrest of Innocent Turkish Supporters

The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light condemns in the strongest of terms the arrest of three of its Turkish members by the Turkish police in Istanbul this afternoon, Haider Kuybuly, Hasan Oyandi, and Kenan Cakir. Haider Kuybulu who was peacefully exercising his right to practice and proclaim his religion, was suddenly approached by two undercover policemen, who forcefully took down the flag he was carrying. A few more policemen in official uniform came and confiscated his phone and the phones of the other two members, and arrested all three of them.
The arrest of Haider, Hasan, and Kenan today is another proof of the increasing repression and human rights violations our members are facing in the Middle East, simply because of their religion, after the cases of arrest, torture, discrimination, and persecution in Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and now in Turkey.
We are concerned over the safety of our members and demand that Haider, Hasan and Kenan and all our members in Iran who are still in jail be released immediately and all charges be dropped of them. We will not be silenced over this systematic persecution and violation of the most basic human rights of our members, to worship freely and believe in whatever they want to believe in.
Our members must be released immediately.

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