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The Teachings of Lao Tzu

What are some of the teachings we find from the life of Lao Tzu PBUH?

As is well known, Lao Tzu is considered the founder of Taoism. Alongside him, you have also the well known Sun Tzu, peace be upon him. The name Lao Tzu itself is a Chinese honorific title, meaning ‘honorable master.’

Lao Tzu was also well known for his book Tao Te Ching it is the main book of Taoism and the name of the book simply translates to ‘The way of integrity’ However the ideology of Tao Te Ching is an idea that tries to escape from all lies and artificial things. It teaches the true way to be natural.
There is this famous notion ‘Wu Wei’, translated as non action…it does not mean that you do nothing, rather that you should not do anything unless you are in a state of awareness.

What does this mean?

It is to say act only if you are aware of yourself connected to the higher self or soul, otherwise all of your thoughts, words and actions will take their root from the self/ego. This would then lead to the beginning of oppression and injustice towards people and the rest of the world.
Imam Ahmed al Hassan (peace be upon him) told us that the ego can be dark by nature. So being aware of this and mastering it is a great priority given to us among the tasks of self-discipline, self-education and self-purification. 
That is why the book the ‘Tao Te Ching’s main teaching is to focus on humility and simplicity.

How is the tao similar to the ahmadi religion of peace and light?

Lao Tzu also believed that human life like everything else in the universe was constantly influenced by external forces and wanted people to embrace the laws of nature and lead a simple life where one is not chained down by desire. The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light is also open to such philosophy and has similar beliefs. It is the true religion that accepts all religions to be one, just like the Tao is one.

the connection between the tao and nature

Another teaching from the book is to contemplate upon nature. When you ponder upon nature, each creation benefits each other. They don’t exist for themselves, rather they exist in order to help and benefit others. The universe, solar system, planets, sky, clouds, sea, mountains, trees, rivers etc… This is the reason as to why those living by the teachings of the Tao live in one beautiful, harmonious way.
This is again a great reminder on how to live in a selfless way.

what happens when we live by the tao?

So what we begin and learn to understand from this is that this knowledge when we start implementing it into this dawah of Ahmed al Hassan (peace be upon him)  is that we begin to realize that in reality there is no room for fitnas, and all types of negative energy will be removed and only peace, tranquility (Sakina) and love shall remain, and the cherished wish of Aba Al Sadiq (peace be upon him) for all of us can finally be recognized, which is: unity, becoming one body, the great manifestation of God and Love… and there is nothing we can not do as we make the impossible possible.

 “There is no life without love” – Imam Ahmed Al Hassan PBUH

The Yin and Yang symbol also refers to teachings of Taoism, and is a symbol of the balance between the two opposites.
Ying-soft self/ female
Yang- Hard self/ Male 

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