The Teachings of the Imam (pbuh)


It is a promise from the Ahlul Bayt (pbut) that the riser from the family of Mohammed will teach humanity many things.  

Imam Ja’far Al-Sadiq (pbuh) said: “There are 27 letters of knowledge. The knowledge that is revealed till to date through all the Prophets (pbuh) is the interpretation of only 2 of those letters. When our Riser (pbuh) will rise, then Allah will reveal the remaining 25 letters, and will add to these the two letters already present. In this way knowledge with all 27 letters will become complete.”

Learn more about the groundbreaking teachings of the Riser, Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh), in the articles below.

The Call To God Alone

Learn more about the black banner and the call to true monotheism.

Reincarnation & The Return

Learn the truth about reincarnation and the return of the prophets and messengers.

The World Is An Illusion

The life of this world is like the dream of a sleeper. How do we wake up?

The Hijab

What is our stance on the hijab or headscarf for women?

The Kaaba

Why do we say the true location of the Kaaba is Petra?

Taqlid, Fatwas & The Scholars of the End Times

What does Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) say about the practice of Taqlid?

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