The Testimony of Muhammad Hashem

An Iranian Supporter of Imam Al-Mahdi speaks out on his brutal experience in Iran’s Evin prison

“The Iranian officials threatened us not to talk to anyone about what has happened to us in Evin prison.” – Muhammad Hashem, a Supporter of Imam Al-Mahdi

Muhammad Hashem, a believer in the appearance of Imam Al-Mahdi, is speaking out today on the cruel treatment that he and 15 other men, women and children received by Iranian officials in the Evin prison of Iran.

He is doing so despite being threatened by the Iranian officials that he would be violently persecuted if he chose to make his experience in Evin prison known.

As a man with no criminal record, Muhammad Hashem was brutally treated with physical violence and exposure to harsh conditions, while having done no crime.

Muhammad Hashem has since then been bailed out of prison.

Sitting in the doctor’s office, he records the narrative of his traumatizing ordeal at the hands of the Iranian government.

Let the world hear his story and know of the crimes being made by the Iranian government against the supporters of Imam Al-Mahdi.

Transcript of the Video:

I am Muhammad Hashem Al Al-Mahdi, we were 15 people who had the intention of migrating.

Unfortunately, there was a spy amongst us and he betrayed us, so they arrested us on our way to Khoy around midnight.
They treated us brutally and they dealt with us as if we were ISIS.

Men, women, elderly and the kids, they kept us in cold weather.

And they treated us harshly and they arrested us and took us to a detention center in Khoy.

They interrogated us for two days and two nights there.

And the interrogator there kept saying to me “All of your friends have confessed and you should confess too.”

So I asked him to show me one of those confessions to which he replied “No, it is not possible.”

So then I said to him that you are lying and I said it very firmly.

But he was trying to scare me and by the help of God I wasn’t scared and the judge said “Confess to everything.”

And I said “I will only talk in the presence of my lawyer.”

Then he said “You have no right.”

So I looked at the judge and asked him “Can I have a lawyer?”
to which he replied “Yes.”

And after that I didn’t confess to anything.

Then they transferred all of us to Evin prison.

They transferred us in a van and they changed the car in Tehran.

And they beat up one of our friends by the name of Muhammadreza Shekaryan in a very harsh way.

They did that because he protested against them.

They hit his head very hard to the car and threw him off the car and then they started to kick him and punch him.

They blindfolded us and they used handcuffs and ankle restraints on all of us.

They transferred us to the detention center (Evin) and in the beginning they kept us in a very cold place.

They humiliated us.

They intimidated and bullied us.

They interrogated me for 11 to 12 sessions and I didn’t talk to them at all.

Meaning I didn’t write anything in the first few interrogations and I didn’t confess to anything.

And I kept saying that I need a lawyer and the used to say “You can’t have one.”

But after that they said “Introduce your lawyer.”

To which I replied “I am in a detention center, how am I suppose to introduce my lawyer?”

“Let me go out so I can introduce my lawyer to you.”

I was there (Evin prison) for about two months.

Then I got the permission to be bailed out for 500 million tomans (about 11,000 dollars), and so I was bailed out.

And they have saved all the contents from my phones.

They threatened us not to talk to anyone about what has happened to us in Evin prison.

Or, “We are going to arrest you and bring you here again.

And you can talk to the judge with the help of your lawyer.

For this matter you are not allowed to talk to anyone else.”

And I have a very bad situation and my hand was injured in prison.

Once, when I woke up in the prison I realized that my neck and hand were severely injured.

And now I can’t sleep at night for more than 2 to 3 hours.

And some nights I can’t sleep because of the pain.

And now I have come to see a doctor to know if I can do anything about this situation.

 -End of Transcript-

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