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The World is an Illusion

Learn about the illusion of the physical world.

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) said that the life of this world is an illusion, and its ornaments are our money and children. It is a mirage from which the human being does not wake up except after the physical death.

This is his (pbuh) advice to the people of the earth:

“My beloved ones, do not ever anger Allah, even if it was permissible. And don’t ever prefer anything from this world to the hereafter. The entire world is not even worth one atom from the hereafter. And when we say an atom, that is just to describe, but even tenth of an atom would be too big for the world.

The world is not worth anything at all. Yes, my beloved ones, it is an illusion. And I hope that you understand that it is truly an illusion. An illusion and nothing other than that. I hope that you comprehend that. Everyone in it and on it are an illusion.
[An illusion] which the human being does not wake up from except for after he/she gets rid of this body. Look around you… Look in everything. You will find that everything is temporal/transient. [You will find that] the one whom you were fighting for yesterday, today you will find him/her boring and that you will wish to get rid of him/her. At death, the world becomes as such.

I will make it clear to you… If you buy a product today for example… And before that, you were wishing for that product and you were hoping to buy it. And today it is in your hands. How much time will you need until this product becomes a normal matter to you? A little time [during which] you fill your eyes from it. As such is the worldly life. If you fill your eyes with it, it will be out of your eyes.

Look at everything in the world and look at the entire globe from above. If someone comes to you and tells you that it all has become yours, and that you will live a hundred thousand years so that you can see it inch by inch, not just for one time but several times. There will come a day when you will be bored with it and your eyes will be filled with it. If it was a reality, and if it was permanent for us, we would never get bored of it. And the proof [is] that life in it is short, while life in Paradise is eternal, because the hereafter is the real life, and not an illusion, and the world is the illusion.

Now has the idea reached you, my beloved ones? Whoever sells his/her hereafter for his/her world is 100 % of a loser. And the winner in it is the one who works for his hereafter such an amount of work that it brightens his face in front of his Lord.”

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh)

He (pbuh) also told a story about the world:

“Tell the believers to stay away from the dunya (world), which does not last, and is an illusion, for by Allah it is an illusion and has no value to it, so do not let it seduce you. I shall tell you a story, tell it to your brothers so that they may take a lesson out of it.

{Once there was a boy, he was the only child, and his father was rich. One day he went to his father and said to him: “O father, I have fallen in love with a beautiful girl, and I want you to ask for her hand in marriage for me.” So the father became happy, and said: “Let us go and engage her to you my son.” And so the father and the son went to the house of the beautiful girl. And when the father asked to see the girl, she came out and the father was very impressed with her and her beauty. He liked her and became greedy. Then he said to his son: “My son, this woman is no good for you. She is too beautiful and deserves a rich man who has the ability to make her happy, therefore I shall marry her.”
And so the father and the son became very angry with one another and fought a big fight. They went to the police station and sought out the judgement of the police officer in the matter. So the police officer said: “Then let us bring forth the girl and ask her whom she wants.” So the police officer requested the presence of the girl. When she came, he was mesmerized. He was amazed by her beauty, so the officer said to the father and to the son: “This woman is neither good for you, nor is she good for you. She needs a man who has power, authority, money and a station, so I shall be the one who marries her.” So they all fought amongst one another over her and the voices were raised and shouting took place.

Then the governor present in the city heard that there was a problem, so he requested everyone to come to him in order to know what had happened. And so they all came; the father, the son and the police officer. The governor said: “Let us see this woman who has done this to you all!” When she came, the governor was shocked because of her extreme beauty. And in the same fashion as before, they all fought amongst one another over her.

Finally they all went to the king and they told him the story of what had happened to them all. As expected the king requested the presence of the girl. And when he saw her he said: “She is neither for you, nor you, nor you, nor you. This girl is only deserved by the king of the land, in order to make her live like a princess!” And as such they all fought amongst one another over the girl.

It was at this moment that the girl spoke: “I have the solution!” And everyone asked: “What is your solution?” She said: “I shall run and everyone runs after me. Whoever catches me first, I shall be his alone and I shall marry him.” They agreed. So the girl ran and everyone ran after her. Suddenly everyone fell – the father, the son, the officer, the governor and the king – into a deep hole.

At that point the girl turned around and said: “I am the dunya (world) and whoever runs after me shall fall into the hole of the grave whilst not feeling anything and whilst full of sin.}

So abandon this dunya (world) my children. By Allah, you shall not feel anything as you fall, and you shall see that your life has passed by, and that you have become full of sins and evil and that nothing remained with you except for illness and humiliation. May Allah grant you success. It is a world that does not last. It is an illusion and it is without value. Verily I see some people these days trying to run after this beautiful girl. The dunya (world) is like a woman whom does not cover up and wears much makeup – once she rids her face of her makeup, all her ugliness and deformities appear…”

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh)

Once you realize that this world we live in is not real, you might ask yourselves how the truth can be obtained. Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh) said:

“You can obtain the reality by truly coming close to Allah (swt).”

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh)

And how can one truly get close to Allah? He (pbuh) said:

“[You] must be willing to sacrifice everything that you are attached to in this world, the [deceptive] illusionary.”

Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (pbuh)

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