Torture Report: Testimonies of Torture in the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı and the Edirne Deportation Center

12th of June, 2023

Torture Report: Testimonies of Torture in the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı and the Edirne Deportation Center 104 members of the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light that were arrested on the 24th of May at the Kapikule Border  crossing in Turkey, report having been heavily beaten, tortured and abused by the Turkish authorities in the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı as well as the Edirne Deportation Center since the 24th of May 2023. The detained members have been calling the Legal Team of the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light through the payphone available at the Detention Centers to give testimonies of the abuse. All phone calls have been recorded. The following displays the accounts of violence we have received so far. It will be updated regularly based on new accounts.

Types of violence Accounts

Physical violence: 43 (including 10 women and 2 elderly)
Molestation and threats of sexual violence: 5
Verbal violence and hate speech: 104
Medical neglect: 36
Violence against children: 3
Sleep deprivation (as a method of torture): 104

Types of violence Accounts

Physical violence: 43 (including 10 women and 2 elderly)
Molestation and threats of sexual violence: 5
Verbal violence and hate speech: 104
Medical neglect: 36
Violence against children: 3
Sleep deprivation (as a method of torture): 104

Physical violence

Initial lawyer reports suggested that 32 of the 104 members detained were physically assaulted during arrest or in detention. Later investigation and contact with the inmates clarified that the number of injured detainees amounts to at least 46. This includes 33 males, 10 females and 3 children. The wounds and bruises of those in detention have been examined and verified by their lawyer Emrah Karatay from the Guden International Law firm on the 30th of May 2023.


List of Injuries as compiled by Emrah Karatay on the 30th of May 2023


1. AZAR ISMAYILZADA: Toothache and headache.
2. HIDAYAT NASRULLAYEV: He had liver surgery before. His wounds are swollen.
3. MOHAMMED HAŞİM BEZRAVŞAN : His legs are injured.
4. ALI LAKZAEIAN TEIMOUR: Bruising on the right leg and left eye.
5. POYLA LOTFI: Bruise on the left knee and left temple.
6. ALIRIZA AKBARI: Wound on the left leg.
7. JAFARY SAJJAD: Bruise on the left eye. Injury to the right knee.
8. LEILA RASTEGARPANAH: Bruise on the right inner leg.
9. MANSOUR DEHGHAN: Bruise on the right arm and pain in the right hand.
10. ZAHRA NADERI SEMIROMI : She wants to go to the hospital.
11. MARZIEH GHORBANPOUR GHOBADLOO: Pain in the right arm.
12. MR. SOMSAK JEHSEN: Injury above the left ear.
13. MR. PHATMALEK SAKANDA: Injury to the left leg.
14. MR. KOLHAD PATCHANA: Right shoulder pain. Wants to go to the hospital.
15. MR. ALZAN THAICHAROEN: His glasses are broken. Needs new glasses.
16. NEDJIMA ASLOUNE: She has pain in her leg. She wants to go to the hospital.
17. YOUSSRA BEZAI: Bruises and injuries on the right arm and left leg. Her tooth is in bad
condition. She needs dental medication. She wants to go to the hospital.
18. RABHA MAZOUZI: She has an injury on her left ankle. Her two children need to go to the
19. MIHOUB SALMA: He has breathing problems. He wants to go to the hospital.
20. MOHAMMED BOUDJELAL HABIBI: He was hit on the back of his head.
21. BUSHRA RAHEEM NEAMAH AL-SAEDI: She has bruises on her arms.
22. MURTADA MOHAMMED ABDULATEEF ALMASAOOD: He has bruises on his arms and
23. SHAYMAA HWAYER SAAD AL-MOHAMMDEDAWI: She has pain in her shoulder. She
needs to go to the hospital.
24. NADIA ISMAEIL SHEIAA AL-KINANI: She has neck pain. She wants to go to the hospital.
25. JASIM MUHAMMED LAFTA LAFTA: He has bruises on his arms.
26. MASOOMA MOHAMMED ABDULATEEF ALMASAOOD: She has bruises on her shoulders
and legs. She was hit on the head.
27. MUNEER MAHDI ALTHABETI: He has chest pain. He is in severe pain.
28. ALIMAMMAD MAHARRAMOV: Severe back pain. He needs to go to the hospital.
29. ILKIN ALIYEV: Severe back pain. He needs to go to the hospital.
30. ABDELAZIZ IBRAHIM AHMAD ALSHAMMARI: Bruised arm and headache.
1 Mihoub has also previously informed us that he is a diabetic.

Accounts (male victims)

The following are summaries of our members’ audio testimonies.

Yousef Abunada

Palestinian national Yousef Abunada reports that during the interrogation in the Edirne Deportation Center he was told that his religion is heretic. They specifically referred to the acceptance of homosexuality in the faith as well as its statements on the Kaaba and the month of Ramadan. Yousef reported that after the statements on the religion the interrogator ordered for him to be taken to a separate room, where a group of several officers viciously beat him in retaliation for his beliefs and verbally abused him. He was insulted throughout the beatings and called an “infidel” several times. He was also told that because of his beliefs he deserves to be killed.

Azad Taghiev

Azerbaijani national Azad Taghiev reports that after reaching the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı, he was taken to the bathroom and beaten and insulted. He reports that he received six beatings within the first 24 hours after his arrest. He was woken up in the middle of the night, put on his knees, kicked, punched and insulted. The next day he and other detainees were taken to a room that had no cameras and beaten up again. He witnessed that Azerbaijani national Mirjalal Aliyev was grabbed by the throat and his head smashed against the wall. Muneer Mahdi Althabeiti Sermad Al-Khafaji testifies that Iraqi national Muneer Mahdi Althabeiti was beaten by around 10 police officers in the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı. His head was smashed against the wall and was bleeding. Sermad Al-Khafaji reports that Muneer is displaying severe signs of a concussion like headache and  dizziness but has not been given any medical attention.

Hasan Oyandi

Hasan Oyandi, a member of the religion from Turkey, describes in a video testimony being heavily beaten by over 10 police officers in the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı following his arrest. After his release, he published photographs showing visible bruises and swellings on parts of his body six days after the event had taken place. (See Attachment)

Sajjad Jafari

Iranian national Sajjad Jafari was taken to the bathroom in the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı. He was shown footage of himself during the Border Crossing Event at Kapikule. They told him that for being shown in the footage he will be punished and then they beat him up.

Sermad Al-Khafaji

UK-citizen Sermad Al-Khafaji was beaten severely at the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı. Hasan Oyandi reported that Sermad could not even stand upright due to the injuries. His head was beaten with fists. Sermad Al-Khafaji reports  spinal damage and nerve damage in his hand from the beating and rough treatment. Baseer Hazza Mujali Al Sqour Hasan Oyandi witnessed that Jordanian citizen Baseer Hazza Mujali Al Sqour was blindfolded and beaten and kicked in his ribs and stomach.

Alireza Yousefi

Alireza Yousefi reports having been beaten in the bathroom of the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı so severely that he fell and his head hit the wall and was heavily injured. He says that when he went to see the doctor, he was forced by the guards to say that he is fine and was threatened that otherwise his imprisonment would be extended.

Accounts (female victims)

Zahra Semiromi Naderi

Pooria Lotfiinallou reported that 51 year old Zahra Semiromi Naderi from Iran was severely beaten with a baton in the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı until she fell unconscious. She was not able to get up and was dragged around by her clothes on the floor. She did not receive any medical attention and was left without any help. Maryam Ghorbani reports that Zahra Semiromi Naderi was unconscious on the floor and no one was allowed to approach or help her.

Youssra Bezai

Youssra Bezai from Algeria reports that a police officer was trying to hit 17 year old Sabrina Benabdelmoula. When Youssra intervened and tried to take the baton from him, he threw her on the ground and kicked her and hit her with a baton. When she got back up she was beaten again and he strangled her with both hands. She has bruises and marks all over her body.

Nedjima Asloune

Nedjima Asloune reports that during the arrest her feet and legs were hit and are blue until now. When she arrived at the deportation center she was forced to strip completely naked and touched everywhere by a female officer.

Sexual Violence and Molestation

Four of the male detainees report that additionally to having been subjected to physical violence, they have also received threats of sexual violence or have been molested.

Redouane Foufa

Was severely beaten in detention and dragged on the floor. He was injected with an unknown subject without his consent during detention in Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı. He also reported that he was made to undress and was molested in the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı.

Pooria Lotfiinallou

Pooria Lotfiinallou from Iran reports that when he arrived at the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı on the 24th of May 2023 his head was knocked on the ground several times. He reports having been beaten every day during his detention. He was insulted and slammed against the wall. He narrates that one night he wanted to go to the bathroom, but was told by the guards to urinate on himself. When they finally allowed him to go, they accompanied him to the bathroom and told him to perform oral sex on them. He reports that before he was taken to the doctor, he was threatened that he is not allowed to talk about anything that happened to him or he would be killed.

Matin Yousefi

Matin Yousefi, a 16 year old minor from Iran reports having been taken to the bathroom and asked to perform oral sex on the guards. He was threatened that he was going to be killed with 3 tasers if he was not going to do it. He also reports that on the 4th of June 2023 the water in the camp was cut for all male residents for two days. This left the detainees with little drinking water and no water for hygiene purposes.

Threats of sexual violence

Mansour Dehgan

Additionally to being beaten himself, Iranian national Mansour Dehgan overheard the guards talking about the women that were part of the group because he understands Turkish. He said that they made sexually degrading comments and were actively planning who of them they would rape. He also reports severe medical neglect of several members of the group. In his testimony he reports, that the doctor told him to only bring those that are “dying” to him, and that he will not give medical attention to anyone suffering from less than that.

Mohammad Hashem

Mohammad Hashem reports having been hit in the eye so hard that he has vision problems now. He has requested medical attention but has not been given it. In the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı he was shown the video of himself at the Kapikular border and then he was punched in the face and kicked. He reports hearing the officers say in Turkish that the members of the faith deserve to be raped.

Physical and medical neglect

Several of the women and children have been subjected to physical and medical neglect. All nine women that have been in contact with the legal team at the time this report was written have unanimously reported that they are held in unhygienic overcrowded conditions, with no access to their belongings, scarce access to food and water and without adequate medical attention. All of them report to  have been wearing the same set of clothing for more than 10 days and not being given any changing clothes. Women that were menstruating were not given any pads. Furthermore between the 1st and 4th of July 2023, the Edirne Deportation center personnel turned off the water for all men, women and children in the camp. This was after the group refused to sign papers consenting to their deportation. The detainees were only provided with a scarce amount of drinking water but were not able to use any water for hygiene purposes. The bad hygiene and medical conditions were used to pressure the detainees into leaving Turkey.

Noor Fatimah Albaaj

Noor Fatimah Albaaj from Iraq reports that in the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı she and the women and children were taken to a barn. They had to sleep on the floor, without blankets. Her two children aged 9 and 8 were being shouted and spat at by the police. Their father was beaten up severely in front of them. They were not allowed to rest and were woken up with loud shouts in the middle of the night to stand outside in the cold. When her son wet himself in trauma he was not given any clothes to change and had to stay outside in the cold with his clothes soaked in urine.

Arzu Nemazade

Youssra Bezai reports that Arzu Nemazade from Azerbaijan asked for milk for her 11 month old child Fatima, but was shouted at and refused. On the 10th of June Arzu Nemazade had reported being sick in the morning and asked to see a doctor, yet nobody came. In the evening, other female members of the faith who were with her reported that she went into a seizure and then fell unconscious. The detention administration only arrived after hours, put Arzu in a wheelchair under the sun for two hours until she collapsed and injured her leg before they finally called an ambulance for her. Male victims like Pooria Lotfiinallou reported to have been threatened not to report their ailments to the medical personnel inside the facility.

Sajjad Jafari

Sajjad Jafari reports that in the Edirne Jandarma Komutanlığı he was beaten daily until his hands and feet were completely covered with bruises. They hit his head with a baton and his head was  swollen and in pain. He reports that when he requested to see a doctor he was taken to a hospital reception, but not examined. A signature was taken from him to give the appearance that he had received treatment. He also reports threat of sexual violence, when he asked for food in the Edirne Jandarma  Komutanlığı. Additionally we received 8 reports of untreated ailments in detention: Maryam Ghorbani reports that Lamyia Aliyeva’s leg is suspected to be broken, yet she has not received medical attention. Youssra Bezai reports that when she was taken to the Edirne Deportation Center she got sick and was vomiting for 48 hours but not given medical attention. She had to sleep on the floor. Nadia Ismaeil reports that they were kept in a confined space with many other people, some of which were visibly sick. Rabha Mazouzi requested to go to the hospital with her two sick children but has not been given permission. Soumia Foufa reports that she needs access to her blood pressure medicine but is not given it. Saliha Salma reports that her and her husband Mihoub Salma are diabetic and have requested their medicines several times but were not given it. 64 year old Beigom Fatemivanani is reported to be in a similar situation. One of the male members reported severe medical neglect,18-year old Mahdi Muneer Althabeti has displayed symptoms that indicate a severe form of hepatitis. When he asked for a doctor on Friday the 2nd of June 2023 he was told that he has to wait until the following Monday to get medical attention.