Turkey issues deportation notices for 104 refugees facing death and imprisonment in home countries

Over 100 members of The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light, a persecuted religious minority, who have presented themselves at the Turkish-Bulgarian border claiming asylum Wednesday and were held at a deportation center have now been issued deportation decisions and face deportation within 6 days, a decision that will most likely subject them to either imprisonment or death sentences in their countries of origin. A petition has been raised to the EU Commission to grant those families asylum in the EU. The members had presented themselves at the Turkish-Bulgarian border, but were refused entry, violently beaten, pushed back and detained by the Turkish border police Wednesday. Gunshots were fired at them, they were threatened and their belongings thrown away. The group includes families, women, children and elderly.

Please be sure to get everyone you know to sign this petition and raise awareness before it is too late.