Turkish authorities threaten minor & cut off water, Irish MEP Clare Daly voices support for Ansar

JUN 6, 2023 — 

104 members of the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light remain behind bars in Turkey to this day for seeking to legally claim asylum. Turkish authorities are now applying pressure on the detainees to deport them back to their home countries, where they face extreme religious persecution. Even though the legal team has filed for an appeal against the deportation orders, we learned yesterday that Turkish authorities are trying to apply pressure by cutting off the water supply from the 104 detainees including the women and children, in order that they agree to go back to their countries and in order that they sign deportation papers. This is a disgraceful action on behalf of Turkish authorities and a travesty of justice. 


In a shocking development of the human rights abuse against our detained members, we received yesterday the testimony of Iranian national Matin Yousef, who is a minor and who reported being threatened with sexual and physical violence.  

Matin says over the phone: “They said that they are going to take me to the toilet and with some batons and…..*No more words*. Then they showed me some tasers and they said that with 3 of these tasers, we are going to kill you.”  

The Iranian bishop at the religion then asked: 

“Wait, did they want to have sex with you?” 

Matin responded: “Yes. And after that, they said we will take you to a bathroom, and with these 3 tasers we will kill you.” 

Furthermore, more NGOs, movements, and high-level actors are mobilizing to defend the detained group, and have expressed criticism of Turkey’s violation of international human rights law in this case, and its oppressive policies towards refugees in general. 

Click to read statement by IHD Istanbul Subesi

Turkish Human Rights Association İnsan Hakları Derneği, released yesterday a statement calling for the involvement of UNHCR and the Presidency of Migration Management to urge for the release of the group and that they be provided international protection, stressing on the illegality of the deportation orders, being a breach of international human rights law. 


Irish Politician and member of European parliament Clare Daly also expressed her support for the detained members of the religion and voiced her criticism of EU policies with Turkey that facilitate the tragedy of refugees and asylum seekers on European borders.


Click to read letter and response of Clare Daly, Irish member of European Parliament