UK Journalists give first interview detailing horrifying conditions in Turkey amidst new testimonies

JUN 7, 2023 — 

Last night, the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light released the first interview of British journalists Sermad Al-Khafaji and Alexandra Foreman who just returned to the UK, after two weeks of detainment and physical abuse they endured at the hands of the Turkish authorities in Edirne. 

Sermad and Alexandra who were with the 104 asylum seekers as they presented themselves to the border police on the 24th of May, give first-hand accounts of the extreme Turkish border police violence they and the group were met with that day, as well as the ensuing severe beatings, torture and various human rights abuses committed against the group during detention by the Turkish gendarmerie officers. 
Further testimonies received from the detainees yesterday confirmed grave human rights violations committed against vulnerable detained members of the faith, with essential medical care being denied to patients in critical health conditions. 

The Turkish Authorities denied Medical Care to Elderly people with Health Conditions

Iranian national Mansour Dehgan reports: “We request a doctor, we request in the morning, at noon they say ok, at night they say ok and he will come tomorrow. That is, if they want to bring a doctor for us, it will take one or two days. Finally, when we go to the doctor and I translate for the doctor, the doctor curses us, the employees curse us.” 
Mansour further explains how adequate medical attention was denied to a 64 elderly diabetic from Iran. 
He says: “For a week they gave her the same food as others and for a week they did not pay attention to her at all.” 
It is outrageous that members of a persecuted religious minority be held unjustly under such inhumane conditions, while they could be released as the judge is looking into the appeal of the deportation orders that was filed by the group’s legal team.