UK Member of House of Lords, Peter Tatchell and other global voices express their support for 101

AUG 23, 2023 — 

More and more influential personalities, decision-makers and NGOs are adding their voices in support of our 101 detained members in Turkey.


Today, Member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom, Baroness Natalie Bennett of Manor Castle, and Dr. Syed Razi Muhammad, dean of and professor of surgery at Muhammad Medical and Dental University in Mirpur Khas, Pakistan, and fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as the Border Violence Monitoring Network have called upon the Consulate General of France in Istanbul to issue asylum/humanitarian visas to the 15 Algerian members of our faith currently detained in Turkey at risk of deportation.


Baroness Natalie Bennett was the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales from 2012-2016 and was sworn in as a member of the House of Lords on October 15, 2019.

During her four years as leader of the Green Party, she appeared on TV debating with David Cameron in the first leaders’ debate of 2015, challenging him on Britain’s failure to welcome more than a handful of Syrian refugees. Previously she spent 20 years working as a journalist, including on the Bangkok Post, The Times, The Telegraph, the Independent, and as editor of the Guardian Weekly for five years. BBC wrote an extensive profile about her. She focuses often on the rights of asylum-seekers and on the need to transform food systems, particularly tackling the power of the supermarkets, and building food security through local production.


Dr. Muhammad is an Examiner at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and an Examiner at the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow, Member Editorial Board of Joint Committee of Royal Colleges of Surgeons of London, Edinburgh, Glasgow & Dublin, as well as a Managing Trustee of Muhammad Foundation Trust, Pakistan. 


The Border Violence Monitoring Network is a coalition of over 14 organizations denouncing pushbacks other human rights violations and broader forms of violence against people on the move at and within European borders. They have shown great support to our 101 detained members in their plight and have acted in solidarity with their case from the very beginning. 


Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with renowned human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell by the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light, Peter has learned about the plight of the 101 detained members and expressed his support of the fundamental right of members of the faith to practise their religion freely.

We thank them all for their support and solidarity with the persecuted members of our faith, and for their service to humanity.