Zaran, Danny, and Mohammad Ali, Rayan Al Al-Mahdi

Meet Zaraan Al Al-Mahdi, Danyal Al Al-Mahdi, Mohammad Ali Al Al-Mahdi, and Rayan Al Al-Mahdi, the generation of young men who migrated with their families to the second Mahdi Aba Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) and were brought up under his wing. They speak to us about their journey with him.

Ismael Al Al-Mahdi

In a world of division and discord, Ismael Al Al-Mahdi has found in Imam Ahmed Al Hassan (from him is peace) the only voice that calls the people to unite with love and he saw in this Call mercy and humanity.

Lokmane Al Al-Mahdi

There’s one common thing that the majority of those who hear the voice of Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (PBUH) say and feel, and that is that he is not a normal human being and that he conquers the hearts with his divine words.