Yelda Al Al-Mahdi

Yelda Al Al-Mahdi from Turkey prayed to God to send her a descendant from the Family of Mohammad (From Them is Peace) to teach her the real Qur’an and prayer. God answered her prayer and made her learn about Imam Ahmed Al-Hassan (From Him is Peace), the promised Yamani from the Family of Mohammad (From Them is Peace), through a Facebook post and sent her a great vision which she shares with us in this video.

Onur Al-Mahdi

Onur Al-Mahdi is one of the people who didn’t see a need in making Istikhara about this call, because what he had seen from the second Mahdi, Aba Al-Sadiq (From him is peace) of divine attributes, truth, goodness, and beauty for ten years, he had not seen in anyone before, and it was sufficient proof for him because He knew that God was with him (From Him is Peace) all along.

Serdar Al Al-Mahdi

Serdar from Turkey wants the whole world to hear that Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan (peace be from him) is the truth and that Aba Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) is the truth, and the rest of the Mahdis (peace be upon them all) are the truth, and that is after he heard that from God in the visions that he has seen.