The Seventh Covenant

Today, God has brought to us a new and everlasting Covenant, the 7th Covenant. Many people believe that they have a relationship with God. They believe that God is pleased with their works, their worship, and their rituals. Completely unaware to the fact that God does not care about what they are doing, and has nothing to do with them. God had established a Covenant with the people of the past, but time after time they would break it, severing their relationship with Him and becoming a people worthy of divine retribution and punishment. If a single word could describe the Relationship between God and Man, it is, “Covenant.” God has
made it an obligation to hold on to his covenant and to never break it.

Humanity has had a total of six Covenants in the past with six founders for each starting with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed (PBUT). The Mohammedan Covenant came with it’s laws and jurisprudence, but one in particular was the most important and vital commandment to be uphold which without it the Muslims would earn the wrath of God God instructed Mohammed (PBUH & His Family) to state:

However, the Muslims did not love the Ahlul-Bayt (From Them is Peace). Rather they killed and hunted down his family, and the poisoned all the the successors of Mohammed (PBUH & His Family) and pointed the sword at his grandson Imam Al Hussein (From Him is Peace), all have passed away except for the Twelfth Imam, Mohammed ibn Al-Hassan Al-Askari, Al Mahdi (PBUH & His Family) who went into an absence as a child. It was the oppression of the Muslims towards the holy sacred household that Imam Mahdi (PBUH & His Family) went into an absence and not for anything else. The Muslims have broken the Covenant, their testimony of faith, their prayer, their fasting, their charity, their hajj all mean nothing because they do not  have a Covenant with God.
The only people that have a Covenant with God are those that know the Imam of the time today.
Prophet Mohammed (PBUH & His Family) said:

But God has never turned his face away from Man, he is the most merciful, the intensely merciful, and today we are under a new Covenant, a the final and everlasting and covenant, the Seventh covenant, brought to us by the Twelfth Imam, Mohammed ibn Al-Hassan Al-Askari, Al Mahdi (PBUH & His Family) and his successors and messengers, the First Mahdi Imam Ahmed al-Hassan the Yamani and the Second Mahdi Abdullah Hashem Aba Al Sadiq the Qaim of the family of Mohammed (From them is peace). They are the ones who are mentioned in the Will of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH & His Family) and they have claimed to be the names Mohammed, Abdullah and Ahmed mentioned in it. The Will is the first of a three part law on how to identify the vicegerent of God, the second is that he demonstrates God-hidden knowledge to the people, and the third is that he calls to the supremacy of God and not to the supremacy of the people.
Once he is identified as Gods appointed one, their is no excuse to reject him.
Imam Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace) said:

Imam Mohammed Al-Baqir (From Him is Peace) said:

The Qaim and Riser of the Family of Mohammed is Abdullah Hashem Aba Al Sadiq (From Him is Peace). He is the only one who has come enforcing the Seventh Covenant, he is the world savior, the Companion of Egypt, the Mahdi, the Qaim who has been prophesied to come. He revealed a great deal of knowledge especially regarding matters the soul, soulmates, soul families and many other secrets and matters. Only the Qaim could bring to the people. And according to the Book, Al-Haft Al-Shareef, the Qaim uses the knowledge of the soul as a proof for his claim. Imam Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace) said:

He is also calling the people to the supremacy of God, because nobody should rule Gods earth or his lands except the one appointed by Him.

What are the duties towards the Imam of the time? Our duty is to pledge allegiance to him, to go to him even if that meant crawling on ice.
The Prince of the Believers Ali ibn Abi Talib (From Him is Peace) said:

We also strip ourselves of our wealth, treasures and worldly possessions and we give it all to him in order to support him. Imam Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace) said:

And also Imam Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace) said: