Misconceptions about the mahdi

Misconception 1:

The Mahdi first appears at the Kaaba

The Mahdi does not appear spontaneously out of nowhere with an army of supporters. This is a false idea that has no bases or evidence from any authentic or weak narration. Rather this idea has been circulated by the non-working scholars of our time who built laid out a fictional day-dream like script for the people on the exact move and strategy of the Mahdi as if they were prophets who can foresee future events.
The appearance at the Kaaba is meant to be an event that takes place during the phase called the Emergence. Currently the phase we are in is called the Appearance. This is the time when the true supporters of the Qaim gather around him.

Misconception 2:

The Mahdi uses the same Qur’an and doesn’t bring a new book

The Qur’an amongst the people today is not complete and Sunni and Shia historians.

Ibn Omar states in one narration:

In Sahih Muslim, Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari is recorded to have said:

And that is why it is mentioned about the Mahdi that he will bring a new book, because the Qur’an as it is today is not the same as it was when it came down.

Abu Ja’far (From Him is Peace) said:

Misconception 3:

The Mahdi will not know he is the Mahdi

If the Mahdi does not know that he is the Mahdi then he cannot be a Mahdi, the Mahdi means “guide”. If the guide does not know that he is a guide, then how can he be a guide for others? Did Prophet Mohammed (PBUH & His Family) receive revelations while not knowing that he was a Prophet or Messenger sent by God?

This false idea comes from the misinterpretation of the following hadith by Prophet Mohammed (PBUH & His Family) who said:

Misconception 4:

The Mahdi will come for the Arab Muslims only

The Mahdi is coming for the entire world and not just for a particular race and people. And that is evident in many of the narrations that indicate and state that he will fill the Earth with justice and equity and not a particular piece of land or people.

Abu Ja’far Al-Baqir (From Him is Peace) said:

Misconception 5:

The Mahdi preaches the same Islam

This is completely wrong because the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH & His Family) had said the complete opposite about the Islam that reaches the people in the end times.

Misconception 6:

The Mahdi will be accepted by all Muslims

Rather most of the Muslims will not accept him but rather they will fight him, especially the Arab Muslims.

Aba Abdillah (From Him is Peace) said:

Imam Al-Sadiq (From Him is Peace) says:

Misconception 7:

The Mahdi is known and supported by the scholars

This is the most dangerous misconception that must be addressed. The person who thinks this way must first ask themselves “Have I asked Mohammed and the Family of Mohammed about the scholars of the end-times before I ask the scholars about the Mahdi?”

They said the scholars of the end times are:

They also called them,

They also said that they are,

And they are,

So do not be fooled by their clothing and costumes and their seemingly beautiful words which are filled with venom.

The Ahlul-Bayt (From Them is Peace) have said: